Marching Orders…

So where are we?!

To recap: we have a Mind that can deliberately set out to learn new things, some of which will become permanent habits like smoking cigarettes, playing the clarinet or doing any particular job or task.

Next we have a Body. And it’s this Body which faithfully runs our habits–and which is greatly resistant to letting go of these habits once they’ve been learned.

And this brings us to the final, and most important, part of the equation…the glue that holds it all together.

Just as gravity holds us to the Earth, and holds our planet in its place in the solar system, and holds our solar system in its little neck of the woods among some 100 billion other solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy, so too there’s a particular energy that flows through us and around us all the hours of the day and governs how we interact with our environment and with ourselves.

This energy is called by many names, the most common of which these days is some variation of the word Chi…including Ki or Qi.

This energy can also be thought of as our spirit or soul, and it isn’t some abstract, aerie faerie concept that emerges only during near-death experiences.

No, it’s a very real force that pervades every bit of us, inside and out.

Indeed, on a quantum level, this energy IS us!

One of my principal discoveries that emerged from years of doing changework with a wide variety of people is that, while the Body ceaselessly carries out any orders it’s given, the orders themselves come from the Energy circulating within us.

Now at times some of this energy, or chi, gets stuck or blocked somewhere within our body–which leads to soreness or physical pain.

This type of blocked, negative energy is easy enough to deal with once you know the secret of how to move it around or even get rid of it.

The changework I created is called Bio-forming, and it involves figuratively and literally reshaping our internal landscape to create an environment more suitable to living our dreams…in the same way that terra-forming is about recreating a protective, earth-like environment on another planet.

One of the foundations of Bio-forming
is a technique I refer to as, “Chi Cleansing”.

Chi Cleansing involves using a client’s own, inherent energy to create a small, powerful vortex that we can position over their body wherever they are experiencing pain.

Then we determine whether this blocked, negative energy is “part” of them or not.

In other words, we want to find out if this block should remain inside them or if the client’s life and goals would be better served by getting rid of it.

At this point in the Chi Cleansing process, we effectively trap the offending, negative energy within the vortex we’ve generated, and then, after the appropriate good-byes, we return it to the Light from whence it originally came.

All well and good!

And I can tell you that from my experience this process alone can have a substantial healing effect on people.

But, as with so many things like this, it turns out we’re just getting the party started!

Perhaps the most compelling discovery in my work came when I realized that these energy blocks didn’t always just show up randomly and out of nowhere.

Even more significantly, more often than not these pockets of dark, blocked energy turned out to have a specific consciousness and even intention within a client’s body–even though they most definitely even belong in there.

In short, quite frequently we are being blocked from achieving the success we desire and deserve by something INSIDE of us–something which is not from or even part of us!


About bioforming

John McLean is an Energy Healer and Hypnotist living in Austin, TX. He's the creator of Bio-forming--which allows you to reshape your internal landscape to remove blocks and obstacles keeping you from achieving your dreams!
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