Slaying Dragons…

We’ve all got problems, right?!

For decades now the self-help movement has generously delivered tons and tons of books, audiotapes, CDs and videos year after year aimed at helping us slay the dragons that are holding us back from living our dreams.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of this well-intentioned advice focuses on helping us pretend that the dragons don’t really exist…or that by never ever thinking of them again then they will magically go away.

Now while it IS a demonstrably superior strategy to imagine positive outcomes in our life rather than focus on negative results, positive thinking by itself has very limited value.

After all, if our success in life depended solely on our thoughts, who among us wouldn’t “think” of waking up tomorrow on a Caribbean beach with wasboard abs, millions in the bank and the partner of our dreams by our side?!

We like to think our Mind is in charge of everything–including our Body and our whole life. Despite the fact that our Mind gets the lion’s share of attention and pampering, the truth it is that it’s probably the least important factor in achieving the success we desire in life–whether we measure that success by wealth, creative output or service to others.

The role our Body plays in our day to day life is far more important than our Mind’s contributions.

Our habits–the good, the bad & the ugly–are run by our Body.

Our habits are simply actions we have learned so well we no longer need to think about them.

When you first started learning to drive a car, there were so many things to figure out that your Mind could scarcely make sense of them. Eventually, little by little, that knowledge seeped down into your Body and soon you no longer needed to think about driving at all, but instead could devote your Mind to any other task it desired.

“Knowledge is only a rumor until you get it in your muscles.”
–Robert Dilts

That’s why you can be utterly lost in thought while your Body safely drives several thousand pounds of metal, rubber and glass over 60 mph to your appointed destination.

And then when you get there, you have no particular memories of the journey itself, but you DO have memories of the thoughts you thought while getting there!

Our Body faithfully and tirelessly carries out all of our habits. We smoke cigarettes, experience social anxiety disorder, feel allergies or even play the guitar because our Body knows how to do these things for us…even despite us!

I came out of a background of traditional hypnosis and had the privilege to be trained by the legendary American hypnotist, Gil Boyne. As a hypnotist, I effectively learned how to communicate with my clients’ bodies…letting their bodies know the war was over, if you will, and they could lay down their weapons and go home!

It turns out that learning to “speak” Body and communicating creatively with it can be a very effective tool for change.

Yet, using hypnosis–or its related art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming–alone work only on some of the people some of the time.

After years of trial and error, of study and experimentation, of epiphanies and dead ends, I finally discovered that there’s a third leg to the puzzle of being human. I learned that there’s yet another force at play if we desire to make genuine and lasting change in our lives.

And this force, it turns out, is far more powerful than our Mind and our Body put together!


About bioforming

John McLean is an Energy Healer and Hypnotist living in Austin, TX. He's the creator of Bio-forming--which allows you to reshape your internal landscape to remove blocks and obstacles keeping you from achieving your dreams!
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